how to increase google serp ranking in 2015

Google is getting smart by changing algorithms consistently. Last year itself there are many small minor algorithm refreshes and few major updates. Thus, it is understandable that google trying to get rid of many ordinary sites and trying to showcase only good authentic sites.

But, There always seems to be problem with the updates as it is not work as expected by google. For ex: after some latest updates, few good sites are also got hit in the line. So, seo becomes more and more interesting and lot of research is needed to make things done to reach where the money is, that is google first page.

Let’s look at some of the important points to be follow to get quality backlinks in order for a long run in seo.

1. Getting High PA/DA backlinks that has decent PR
Google last updated Page rank quite a bit of time ago. No one knows, when it will be updated in future. So, instead of running behind high PR links, there are other metrics needs to be looked upon. ie., the “Page Authority” and “Domain Authority”. Always prefer backlinks from sites that has decent PA & DA for ex: averaging 20+ will be ideal to have. The sites that is having Good PA/DA also having Decent PR2+ giving more link juice to your sites.

Owning a high PR/PA/DA network or Gaining links from those network
You can Create a network of sites that has the metrics of PA/DA around 20 and PR2+. Around 10 to 20 sites will give some boost to your money site. And as per your keyword competition you can increase the sites will help. After network of sites created, you need to update them with decent content and link few to authority sites like “wikipedia” to safeguard your site from google’s algorithm radar.
Another option is to get backlinks from the networks already available in the marketplaces like bhw, wickedfire etc. Before buying read carefully about the stats and if possible check the samples to get clean backlinks.

Content is still king
Having backlinks only will not get you better. By updating content regularly will get your site visited by google bot regularly to index the new articles and that will increase your site’s authority in the google’s algorithmic structure. So, update your site with unique well written content as always.

Social Signals
Social signals are becoming more and more important, try to increase your site’s social presence in sites by getting facebook shares, twitter tweets and more importantly google plus shares will help your url to get more reference hits that will increase your site’s position in google.

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