Google penguin3.0 update just happened

Google just confirmed that it’s penguin version 3.0 has been released. This update is seen as refresh of the previous update. Many of the blog posts and threads seen on various sites shows this update mainly helped the site owners whose site hit in previous versions of penguin updates.

Backlink removal is done by many of the site owners and bloggers to regain their site after the last penguin update hit. After this update, many of the sites which loses its toxic links are back in the search engine ranking. Also few new sites are also got hit by this update with many of the piracy sites are also hit by this update. Those sites are having the same content and download links, so it is easy to be hit.

Penguin safe method as of now:

After seeing many updates, it is high time you need to update your site. Most of the sites, which are hit by this google penguin update 3.0 are not updated their content for quite a while. By seeing this, we can safely say that, there will be another panda update that might affect many other sites.

So, update your site with atleast one or two post per month to get it indexed in google to keep your site in the fray. Seor’s are keenly updating their backlink creation methods from one form to another. Google also chasing them once again to master them.

Creation of backlinks is now becoming more and more tough as the diversification and link value need to be increased. Also, the metrics of DA, PA, trade flow, Citation flow and moz trust and other metrics are even more needed. Always, share your post on google+ and other social networking platforms to get higher visibility in the search engines.

Share your thoughts and update details in comments. Also, share this post on your facebook, twitter and other pages.

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