how to increase google serp ranking in 2015

Google is getting smart by changing algorithms consistently. Last year itself there are many small minor algorithm refreshes and few major updates. Thus, it is understandable that google trying to get rid of many ordinary sites and trying to showcase only good authentic sites.

But, There always seems to be problem with the updates as it is not work as expected by google. For ex: after some latest updates, few good sites are also got hit in the line. So, seo becomes more and more interesting and lot of research is needed to make things done to reach where the money is, that is google first page. read more

Google Panda update 4.0 Released

Google started to roll out panda 4.0 version algorithm update. After lot of other updates, this one is also closely watched by many seo professionals. Because this time, there might be a penguin refresh along with the regular panda update as well.

Read the twitter status of matt cuts here

As many of you already know, google panda updates are rolled out in order to prevent poor content sites from topping the search engine rankings. In earlier updates articles that are copied and other poor spinning article posted sites got affected by panda. read more

link removal service spammers everywhere

Just read a Tweet from Ann  Smarty(@seosmarty), You know myblogguest has been penalized by google last month for paid links issue. Even though i am not happy with google’s decision to penalize a good guest blogging site. We have no other way, other than accept google.

Today, myblogguest owner received a email from some linkbuilding company to remove bad links and re instate her site back in to google. These type of email spammers are eveywhere, These guys don’t even know the kind of problem myblogguest is facing, rather they trying to gain money by trying to sell their services. read more

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