Warriorforum acquired by freelancer.com

Warriorforum one of the leading internet marketing forum with 732,000 members was acquired by freelancer.com

It was one of the big deal of $3.2 mil, Thus freelancer is expanding and becoming one of the giant in the buy sell services in internet marketing arena.

Warriorforum will run as seperate entity :Freelancer has acquired many leading websites in the past including scriplance.com and webmaster talk forums and redirected to freelancer. But, this time the acquisition is slightly different as the owners of the freelancer confirmed that warriorforum is run as seperate entity. read more

link removal service spammers everywhere

Just read a Tweet from Ann  Smarty(@seosmarty), You know myblogguest has been penalized by google last month for paid links issue. Even though i am not happy with google’s decision to penalize a good guest blogging site. We have no other way, other than accept google.

Today, myblogguest owner received a email from some linkbuilding company to remove bad links and re instate her site back in to google. These type of email spammers are eveywhere, These guys don’t even know the kind of problem myblogguest is facing, rather they trying to gain money by trying to sell their services. read more

Google Penalizes Myblogguest

It’s Been a month before google, Actually push a penalty button on #myblogguest (One of the largest guest blog network). As, one of the users of myblogguest before, It is really a sad news for me.

Infact, There are many users, who are using the site for pure guest blogging purpose are saddened by the google’s decision.

In this internet world, Due to spams and spammers, it is really tough to maintain everything correctly, I would request google to life the penalty. Also, It is nice to have a period knowing penalty rather than a complete life panalty to rectify and get to business again. read more

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